People and Team
Archineer Associates continues to enhance the depth of our professional expertise and expand our operations with: 100+ qualified staff with doctoral and master degree and experienced top managing board and partners, and 80+ international and local architects, engineers and project managers working in an well organized team work.

Khampaseuth graduated with bachelor degree in engineering (honour) from faculty of engineering & architecture, National University of Laos in 1997. He received an invitational traineeship award in Architectures and Arts from Tadao Ando (pritzker prize architect)-OFIX in Osaka, Japan in 1998. He holds master and doctoral degree in Civil and structural engineering from Kyushu University, Japan (sponsored by Japanese government scholarship 2000-2005). He is currently an associate professor in National University of Laos and visiting professor in chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

As the founder and principal of Archineer Associates, Khampaseuth leads designing many projects across various typologies and scales. Starting with the first competition price, new headquarter of Electricite du Laos (EDL), Lao PDR in 2010 ( archineer associate’s establishment year). Since designing Vieng Vang tower in 2011, khampaseuth has been gradually discovering the idea of simplicity green, sustainable and energy efficiency architecture forms+ functions by integrating multi-discipline technology and balancing the conception of “ four natural elements: Earth, Water, Wind & Fire. By leading archineer associates, he applied the concept, initiative made various works including EDL’s Energy business complex, CSC shopping center, BM Plaza in 2012 and was received the first competition prize and selected design New National Parliament of Lao PDR and Headquarter of star telecom in 2013-2014. Recently, he created a new trend of green architectures in the country such as the SOTSAY wine house+bar with green+bamboo poles façade, Spiral green boxes apartment, fluidity green staking office building, and expanding the design concept to urban planning “Khamkert gold mining site” and etc.

Khampaseuth is well recognized as new generation of renowned Lao architect + engineer (archineer). He achieved the first international award, MCCC-golden green award 2011 from the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce and ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology. From his rapidly remarkable practices in the country, he was selected to be youngest managing committee of ALACE (Association of Lao architects and Civil Engineers) in 2012. 

Khampaseuth THEPVONGSA
Principal Architect + Engineer

Co-Founder / Director
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Civil & Structure Engineer
Senior M & E Engineer
  Singvisay SIMIXAY
Associate Director
Senior Civil Engineer

Kengchalith SOUKVIXAY
Associate Director
Senior Architect + Engineer
Associate Director
Senior Communication & IT
  Bounpasong SINRASVONG
Associate Director
Senior Architect
  Sengprasong PHRAKONKHAM
Associate Director
Senior Hydropower Engineer
Phaiphanom MANIVONG
Associate Director
Corperate Admin & Finance
Associate Director
Corperate Admin / Accounting
Associate Director
Associate Director
Senior Civil Engineer / Coordinator