Project Planning / Construction Management
Archineer Associates has combined experience in preparing the project master planning from the initial stage to project execution completion;

Land use plans, feasibility studies and program management facility management for all rank of project from residential development, commercial centers, office building, community town,industrial complexes and urban planning.

CONSTRUCTION Project management is a broad term encompassing a wide variety of activities. We can save time and budget on projects by applying proven administrative principles and techniques from pre-construction through project closeout.

  • Conduct pre-construction and weekly project meetings
  • Coordinate construction staking
  • Oversee contractor’s activities and material testing
  • Track project quantities of materials
  • Prepare necessary change orders
  • Compile daily and weekly project diaries
  • Prepare payment vouchers
  • Complete government authority documentation
  • Conduct property owner meetings
  • Compose project update newsletters and press releases

Meeting with project owner

Project tracking

Site survey

Site Inspection